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As one of the largest wholesale distributors of residential products in the United States, Ferguson is in a unique position to know what is trending with consumers and construction pros. Which is why the Newport News, Va.-based company crunched the numbers and polled staff at its 1,400 locations to come up with 10 on-trend products that rose above the rest.

“Throughout 2015, we curated several product lists that were a compilation of some of our top sellers, along with aspirational options and new innovations with technology integration, says Kate Bailey, director of the company’s showrooms. “From those lists, we selected a mix of 10 products with the same criteria to develop the Best of 2015 Product Roundup.”

According to Bailey, one of the biggest 2015 trends in the kitchen and bath industry was home automation. “As more builders, contractors, and designers are working on projects with a diverse, technologically savvy client base, they are requesting products that accommodate their customers’ need for customization, integration, and automation,” she says.

In appliances, convection steam ranges and induction cooktops were popular. “We expect the cooking trend to extend into 2016, but with an emphasis on technology integration,” she says.

Freestanding tubs are still pretty hot, but Bailey says the styling moved away from claw-foot tubs and toward more modern designs with geometric shapes. “The biggest trend we saw in 2015 was digital showering and customized showering,” she says. “In fact, customization is a huge trend that we see continuing into 2016, and manufacturers such as Delta and Kohler are creating a wide variety of products that allow you to customize keys details, like the customizable faucet handles from [Kohler brand] Kallista.”

Here are the company's picks: