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Photo: Unsplash/Jorge Vasconez

Florida-based Green Dwellings is working to create energy-efficient modular homes that will stand up to hurricanes, WUFT reports.

“The homes are unique in that they are all built from steel and concrete. And they have all sustainable, renewable materials,” says Green Dwellings CEO, Karen Adams. “We use solar-powered hot water, solar-powered electric, and with the optional battery, you’re off the grid and up and running after a hurricane. So, we’re building to the highest hurricane standards, Miami-Dade’s, and we’re building them to withstand 200 mph winds, to a standard called Exposure D, which means wind flows directly over the surface of the water.”

I was a traditional builder for 25 years and saw a need — and knew it was happening in California — to build smart in a factory. And I know that has a bad connotation. When you say “manufactured homes,” you’re thinking of trailers. If you look at what they started out west, it’s spread to Chicago and New York. But, we’re designing for the tropics — for hurricanes, moisture, mold, mildew and bugs — and there was a need. So, after three years of research and development, we have produced the first prototype that won Sustainable Florida’s award for Best Practice in Green Building. We’re also certified LEED Platinum, which is the highest green standard.

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