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According to Forbes, as more homeowners pursue resort homes and lake-front views, builders are developing new ways to bring the waterfront experience to them. One option is solar-powered living on a private, residential resort in the Bahamas’ Elizabeth Island, offering carbon-neutral homes. The residential resort club will offer 5,900-square-foot, four-bedroom residences, in addition to eight six-bedroom estate homes. The club's benefits include a fleet of solar-powered and crewed yachts and electric day boats, as well as a beach club, spa, and restaurant.

In Panama, another builder has created a line of floating homes, Jetsons-style pod-like dwellings that stand almost 8 feet above ocean waves and offer 830 square feet of living space. Still other options include Costa Elena, a remote community in Costa Rica, which offers exquisite off-the-grid homes with private balconies, terraces, and infinity pools, along with kite surfing, mountain biking, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, and more.

As long as real estate has existed, countless well-heeled home buyers have sought waterfront real estate facing oceans, lakes, rivers and more. New ways to get close to the water continue to emerge, including pod-like domiciles raised above the ocean blue, sea-faring homes and residences that come complete with solar-powered yachts.

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