Futuristic Denver Neighborhood Will Be Loaded With Panasonic Smart Home Products

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February 08, 2017

Denver’s smart city project, named Pena Station Next, is in the works. It will feature autonomous shuttles, LED street lights, Wi-Fi coverage, and a bevy of smart home technology from Panasonic.

The Denver Post took a look at some of the most impressive Panasonic products at this year’s CES. Transparent TV screens, kitchen counter cooktops, range hoods with built in cameras, and smart street poles and parking meters could all be implemented in the futuristic neighborhood.

Panasonic even had a smart table, which has wireless induction charging and a surface that can heat foods, on display at the show.

It has all sorts of built-in technology, including a transparent video display that can show family slide shows or images captured by a connected security camera. The table top has a monitor inside covered by a thin layer of fabric, yet the surface feels — and looks — like it is built of solid wood.

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