Green Homes Aren’t Green Enough Without Neighbors

In wellness communities, homeowners can cut costs and feel less isolated
April 28, 2015
Green Homes Aren’t Green Enough Without Neighbors
Photo courtesy of Grow Community.

Having plenty of space for a personal garden where your kids and pets can run freely is part of the American Dream. But after achieving it, some homeowners feel disconnected.

For this type of homeowner, a wellness community may be the answer. profiles the Victurine family, who moved out of their 3,000-sf house on 2.5 acres in Bainbridge Island, Wash., into a 1,600-sf townhouse in Grow Community, a sustainable development on the island.

On just 3 acres – half an acre bigger than the Victurines' previous property – are 24 single-family homes and 20 rental townhouse units.

Ray Victurine said at his old house, he spent so much time maintaining the property and mowing the lawn, he had little time to do anything else. But in his new home, he can spend more time with his family and friends.

“One night I came home from playing tennis, and neighbors are on the porch with my wife,” Victurine tells “Next thing you know, we’re playing Name That Tune. A bottle of wine is opened. It’s spontaneous fun. We went from being isolated to having a really nice group of people.”

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