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Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into more businesses and homes, offering home builders and designers a range of tools they can use to improve their processes and enabling homeowners to create smarter homes that can help them age in place more easily, increase the water and energy efficiency of their homes, and more. Kitchen & Bath Design News talked to seven industry pros, including Dawn Haynie, research fellow with the American Society of Interior Designers, and Hudson Valley, N.Y.-based interior designer and remodeler Michael Gilbride, about how they're using AI and where they're seeing its benefits.

Designers are most excited about “using 3D modeling and rendering software to study multiple iterations and help clients visualize the designs, facilitating easier client decision-making,” ASID’s Haynie observes. AI provides interior designers with recommendations and customized solutions, she adds. The technology showed up in ASID’s 2023 Trends Outlook Report and will also trend in the 2024 report, she notes.

Gilbride points out that communicating design ideas to clients is one of the most important things a designer does. He uses Midjourney and Stable Diffusion for that purpose. “We can create imagery, sketches or other concept assets and apply it to a photo of the clients’ home,” all without the expense or waste of ordering samples.

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