Home Design Trends With Staying Power

July 3, 2017

Black window trim is in. The color provides contrast, making it easier to see outside, and it blends in well with a variety of home styles, including farmhouse, modern, and classic contemporary.

Zillow spoke with some designers to find home design trends that could remain hot throughout the rest of this year and into the next.

Experts like open storage, refurbished vintage furniture, eclectic mixes of upholstered pieces. Simplicity is also a good bet to have staying power.

“We’re seeing homeowners gravitate more and more toward thoughtful simplification — think sleek navy blue cabinets, or flat-front kitchen cabinets paired with inconspicuous appliances. Balanced by eclectic tiling and statement windows, spaces in the duration of 2017 will feel neutral with a welcome kick of color or pattern.” — Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

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