Home Robots May Be Subject of Secret Amazon Program

April 23, 2018
Miniature wooden robot
Photo: Pexels

According to reporting from Bloomberg, Amazon's hardware research and development division, Lab126, is supervising a secret program named "Vesta" to bring robots into consumers' homes as early as 2019. 

While its unclear at this point what type of home robots may be in the Vesta program, Bloomberg's sources say it could be a robot that follows the resident around the house, answering questions and requests on command. Fast Company reports that current prototypes include robots with advanced cameras and "and computer-vision software that help it navigate through homes."

When asked about its Vesta program, an Amazon spokesperson told Bloomberg the company doesn’t comment on “rumors and speculation.” ... Lab126 is where a number of Amazon’s current hardware products originated. Those products include hits like Amazon’s Echo speakers and Fire TV set-top boxes (though Lab126 is also responsible for the horrible Fire Phone).

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