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Featured in this article are products from Ditek, On-Q, Open House, Escient, Lutron, Exceptional Innovation, B&K Components and LiteTouch
By By Nick Bajzek | October 31, 2006


The HD2 120/240 volt single-phase whole-house surge protection from Ditek filters out electromagnetic and radio interference. This device is hard-wired to a 120/240 volt power panel that handles up to 125,000 amps and carries a UL 1449 rating. LED indicator light for each phase on the front of the unit confirms protection. It is encased in a watertight 4-inch by 4-inch by 2-1/4-inch plastic box. A wiring harness is included and an optional flush mount is available.

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The lyriQ multi-source audio system from On-Q/Legrand includes a four-source, eight-zone distribution module and triple-source input based on Cat-5 technology. The Cat-5 cable transmits audio, power and infrared data between the distribution module and the individual keypad controls, and any one keypad can control audio levels via a universal remote. Two-way protocols facilitate internal and external commands.

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Open House

The Model H650 Integrated Voice Network from Open House is a multi-zone telephone system that offers a wide variety of features. The Model H650 works with existing phones and supports six zones. The H650 allows 30 minutes of voice mail record time, optional music on hold and a zone-to-zone intercom. The auto attendant feature can answer incoming calls and by adding a custom outgoing message, consumers can route calls to different zones.

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The Fireball from Escient is a digital music server that is available in 100, 200 and 400 GB hard drives. The controller can be linked with home audio systems via an Ethernet or wireless router. Optional MP-150 modules can be installed in other zones. The unit  has a CD burner/ripper and can record any analog or digital audio signal.

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The Aurora wireless radio frequency (RF) lighting system from Lutron is available in a kit for builders that includes five dimmers, one master control, one wireless controller and one central antenna. Each master control button handles a single dimmer. The system can be expanded to include up to nine wireless controllers, or two systems can be bridged together. Packages come in white, ivory, almond and light almond.

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Exceptional Innovation

The LifePoint high-definition touch control panel from Exceptional Innovation controls lighting systems, thermostats, security and audio with the company's LifeWare software. The software can handle four different streams simultaneously through Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable with no analog switches involved. The system integrates with Microsoft's Windows XP Media center and ships pre-loaded with all necessary software; installers have access to two USB ports to attach a peripheral mouse or keyboard.

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B&K Components

The CK 1.2 keypad from B&K Components controls up to 20 devices with 40 nameable keys for each. RJ45 and terminal block connections on the back panel allow easy hook-ups and daisy-chaining. It features standard dual gang installation and a removable front faceplate for programming access. A sensor on the front panel allows IR pass-through from local remotes. Faceplates are available in white or ivory and can be painted on-site.

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The Neo single room controller from LiteTouch runs on the company's small, high-voltage cartridge. The e-Control modules dim and switch the lights. The four-gang, single-room controller can handle four to eight loads by adding more cartridges. Programming the lighting scheme requires no external software, and up to eight Neos can be linked together using a standard Cat-5 cable.

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