Homeowners Want Vacation-Worthy Backyards

July 8, 2020
Backyard of a luxury home with pool and jacuzzi
By moodboard

The summer of 2020 is poised to become the summer of stay-vacations. Instead of spending days on beach resorts or backpacking through far away lands, consumers are jetting to their backyards. There is a new appreciation and demand for a fun outdoor space. According to Housing Design Matters, some pool contractors and landscape architects have trouble keeping up with the demand. Buyers have begun snatching up vacation homes, but that cannot be a reality for everyone. Overall, homeowners want a vacation-worthy home. Whether that be in the form of a backyard garden, fire pit, pool, or kitchen—it all depends on the client. 

There will continue to be changes to how we design, build, and sell in this post Covid world. We have already talked about the working and schooling from home and how it has changed our buyers’ wants and needs. But in all this gloom, we cannot forget about fun. Men, women, boys and “Girls just wanna have fun” as Cyndi Lauper sings. Let’s be honest, it’s been a tough year.

Looking back, the summer of 2020 will be known as the summer of stay-vacations. With many cities and states only partially open, mask mandates everywhere and an increasing number of germophobes with a fear of flying, many are spending their vacations at home. The money they saved up for that Alaskan Cruise or trip to Italy can now be invested back into the home. If you’re going to vacation at home, you may as well make your home vacation-worthy!

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