Housing Experts Speculate Impact Of Trump Presidency

Even the most plugged-in analysts and economists are unsure about the future

November 9, 2016

In months leading up to Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election, Republican president-elect Donald Trump discussed his broad economic policies but didn’t touch on the state of housing that much.

HousingWire sought the opinion of experts in the field, asking what lies ahead for the housing market with a new man in charge. The site got input from analysts, economists, consultants, and researchers, along with the president of the Mortgage Bankers Association. A few experts weren’t sure what to expect, though some remained optimistic.

“We can make sense of this surprising outcome if we recognize that every voter is a housing voter,” Redfin Chief Economist Nela Richardson said. “Though America’s growing housing affordability crisis was largely absent from the election campaign, it is a singular issue that cuts across all segments of voters, affected in one way or the other by home and rental prices.”

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