How to Achieve the Zero Energy Ready Home Label

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | July 8, 2019
Photo: Unsplash/ Artur Luczka

Builder/Developer, Jay Epstein, owner of Health E Community Enterprises has a long history of constructing energy efficient homes. He is working on a 75-home community in the Williamsburg, Va. area that will be a Zero Energy Ready Home community.

So what does it take to build such a home? The following are the requirements to earn the Zero Energy Ready Home label according to a recent post at the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance blog:

  • ENERGY STAR for Homes Baseline
  • Envelope - Fenestration meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements
  • Duct distribution systems must be located within the home’s thermal and air barrier boundary or an optimized location to achieve comparable performance. HVAC air handler must be located within the home’s thermal and air barrier boundary.
  • Hot water delivery systems (distributed and central) must meet efficient design requirements
  • Lighting and Appliances - All installed refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, and bathroom ventilation are ENERGY STAR qualified. 80% of lighting fixtures are ENERGY STAR qualified or ENERGY STAR lamps (bulbs) in minimum 80% of sockets.
  • Indoor Air Quality —Must be certified under EPA Indoor airPLUS 10.
  •  Renewable Ready — Provisions of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home PV-Ready Checklist must be completed.

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