How Builders Are Adjusting to the New Normal

April 27, 2020
Young Man Mask Builder
By Leszek

Before the coronavirus pandemic, managing a construction site was already a full production. But throw in new safety measures, local limitations, and the headache of ensuring only one team is on site at a time, and a project turns into a Level 10 game of Tetris that no one wanted to play. Even with these challenges, however, builders in Virginia are rising above them and successfully navigating the new normal. Besides following OSHA and CDC rules, builders are also strategizing with and learning from each other. The work may be slower and stress levels may be higher, but the projects are getting done safely.

The three-minute Facebook video shows local builder Dan Sandoval offering advice to contractors about staying safe on job sites these days: Practice social distancing, wear a mask, wipe down your tools before sharing them with anyone else.

In just 24 hours, it had nearly 400 views. It’s just one thing builders are doing to adapt to doing business in the coronavirus era.

“The governor listed construction as an essential industry so we’re continuing to work on the projects we already had going,” said Sandoval, who owns Republic Home Builders of Fredericksburg and is the current president of the Home Builders Association of Virginia.

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