How To Design And Build Homes For The Diverse Tastes Of Millennials

May 6, 2016

If you were to watch something from the 1930s, say, a Three Stooges short, something that may jump out at you right away is how similarly everyone was dressed. The streets were an amorphous blob of foot traffic with all of the men wearing shockingly similar suits and hats and the women garbed in dresses and long skirts. The streets had the appearance of a single man and woman locked in a hall of mirrors, their images reflecting and duplicating from mirror to mirror, as opposed to being filled with unique individuals.

That is not the case in today’s world. Go sit on a park bench somewhere and pay particular attention to any Millennial that strolls by. You may see some wearing suits, others wearing jeans and polo shirts, and others, still, in shorts, a baseball hat, and a shirt being worn out of irony. While very differently dressed, all of them are in what they may consider to be their work attire. The tastes of Millennials are as varied as a chef’s spice cabinet, and for builders and designers, not understanding these tastes may make it difficult to find success in a world where many Millennials are finally starting to venture out and purchase homes.

As such, it is important for builders to be plugged into what Millennials value. As The Huffington Post reports, anyone who wants to succeed in marketing to Millennials (this includes builders) needs to put their lifestyle trends first. Architects, builders, and developers need to create homes that embrace features that allow Millennials the flexibility to work or play, as they desire it, when they desire it.

Any community development aimed at Millennials needs to have shared public spaces fostering community. Things like full-service fitness centers, smart multi-purpose lounges, and tech hubs with the most up to date equipment are necessities.

For rental units or single-family homes, intelligence is once again key. Technology and the ability to use it for varied purposes, such as to work from home, for entertainment, or for convenience, must be incorporated.

After a late start, Millennials are ready to move forward in their lives, but only if the home or rental unit they see is a good fit. As they have shown, they have no problem with saying ‘no, thanks’ and waiting for something else to come along. The sooner builders and designers can create a perfect fit, the more business they will see coming their way.

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