How Developers Are Adapting Apartment Buildings For Health, Safety

September 2, 2020
Modern high rise apartment with balconies
By Tiberius Gracchus

The draw of an amenity-filled rental complex is enough for renters to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars more. But in a time when shared lounges or pools come with the fear of contracting a virus, developers have to think outside the box. Forbes says developers are working on creative solutions to uphold social distancing protocols, but keep renters socially connected. Many are reworking layouts, trying to include larger balconies, touchless elevators, and private entrances. There may very well be other changes such as in-unit home offices, co-working spaces, partitions in common areas, or separate rooms in gyms. Read more to see what else may be found in new development.

Some developers are looking into adding more staircases, sometimes featuring an enhanced feeling of openness, and artwork, to provide an attractive alternative to using the elevators.

A developer in Miami Beach starting work on a high-rise apartment building that will feature touchless elevators (using facial recognition), touchless entry doors, elevator corridors that are only accessible by residents, and advanced HVAC systems that will filter out airborne microorganisms. “To be in your own home and able to experience the expansive outdoor world is a recipe for success in this new era. And in a pandemic scenario, when isolating, you will still be attached to the world around you,” said Matis Cohen, the developer of 72 Park.

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