How Does This Australian Smart Home System Make Indoor Living Healthier? 

November 20, 2019
Filtered Water Pour
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Home is where the heart is—and the lungs, and the rest of the body. An Australian “wellness real estate”  brand, Delos, designed a smart home technology with health in mind as humans spend more time indoors. The system monitors air and water quality, among other health-related functions.  

Delos is what’s known as a “wellness real estate” brand. Founded in New York in 2012, it aims to make homes healthier places to live by installing a system that monitors and controls a property’s air and water quality and lighting.

Delos introduced the technology, called Darwin Home Wellness Intelligence (Darwin), in Australia last fall.

Darwin is operated through a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet that resembles an iPad and displays metrics on conditions across the home. Properties with the system are constructed with air quality sensors and filters that detect and remove impurities like pollution and smoke. They also have water purifiers that get rid of chlorine, heavy metals and other particles from tap water.

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