How To Effectively Use A CRM System

March 29, 2016

As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While that saying does have some validity, it isn’t 100 percent accurate. Sure, we have all seen the more technologically challenged among us stare at a smartphone with the quizzical look typically reserved for trying to figure out a word problem using common core math. But while it might be more difficult to learn and adapt to a new technology one didn’t grow up with, it isn’t impossible.

Once the new technology, whatever it may be, is learned, that ‘old dog’ typically realizes how much easier it is than the old way of doing things and becomes quite proficient at it.

Take Customer Relationship Management software (CRMs) for example. CRMs takes customer data, preferences, interactions, and engagement and presents a clear, concise picture of a customer’s place in the sales cycle. It provides salespeople with the ability to manage leads and prospects and, ultimately, make more money selling homes, but it can still be challenging to sell salespeople on the idea of throwing away the old rolodex and use a new CRM tool.

However, just like with using a smartphone, it isn’t impossible. Factors that make the switch to a new CRM tool as simple as possible include demonstrating the benefit of the new tool, being and remaining flexible with the team, and providing ample training to facilitate a culture of constant learning.

If a new CRM system is made appealing, and the benefits of using it are easily observable, the odds are a sales staff is going to be keener on learning how to use it.

For specifics on how to better implement a new CRM tool or system, follow the link below.

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