How the Home Building Industry Rebounded from Shutdowns

June 30, 2020
Home builder adding insulation to ceiling of home
By Olga Ionina

Springtime is the season when construction makes up for slow winter months. When the pandemic hit, the time typically used for working 60 hour weeks and playing catch up came to an abrupt halt. What waited for builders on the other side was an unanticipated boom, according to Inlander. Social distancing rules, workarounds for inspections, and delays are still impacting the industry’s ability to catch up to demand. Read more about home builders’ experiences navigating the current situation.

But this year the unexpected hit: the coronavirus-triggered stay-home orders, temporarily halting most home construction.

Spokane area contractors like Corey Condron, owner of Condron Homes, were forced to walk away from projects — and give their employees bad news.

"I had to lay off half of my crew," Condron says. "About 10 projects, we had to lock the door and walk away from."

And while a Paycheck Protection Program loan meant he could rehire his employees, the future was still uncertain.

Today, the shutdown order for home construction has been lifted. But with a partial shutdown still constraining the local economy, and with unemployment still high across the state, many sectors of the economy are still suffering.

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