How to Light Kitchens and Baths

November 27, 2018
kitchen lighting
Photo: Pixabay

Lighting is often underutilized in production home building, but when used correctly it can be a tool to improve the feel and functionality of a space.

A recent article from Housing Design Matters looks at how four types of lighting, including ambient, task, accent, and wayfinding, can affect the look of a space. In the kitchen, under cabinet lighting is important for illuminating cooking tasks without shadows. In the bath, wayfinding lighting for nighttime bathroom trips is vital for safety.

Lighting is an incredibly powerful tool in design. You can make spaces feel larger, create ambiance, and add depth and dimension. If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, consider thoughtful lighting as your competitive edge. Your houses will look and feel better to your buyers. Your buyers themselves will look better. Who knows, that may be just the thing that converts them from idle shoppers to committed buyers.

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