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Image: courtesy GirlBuild

Philadelphia resident Monica Miraglilo is a longtime fashion model, but her recent business venture GirlBuild Lab, is also making her a game changer in the construction industry. GirlBuild Lab is an online educational platform that outlines the basics of home renovation and provides users with information on how to finance projects.

More specifically, Miraglilo wants to provide tools and resources for women in the industry so they can prosper in their careers and businesses.

“I wanted to start GirlBuild for the simple reason that I was given the opportunity to learn from the best. Now I want to give back to women,” said Miraglilo. “I feel as though women are getting into this business more and more every day. They want to become independent, and they want knowledge. Even if they don’t get into the business, if they hire someone, they’ll at least know what they’re talking about and taking advantage of.”

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