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For years, tiny homes have been gaining popularity across the U.S. among buyers looking for affordable, eco-friendly housing alternatives, but most are forced to start from scratch and DIY their own projects. Nestron, the Singapore-based prefab company seeks to change that by opening supermarket-sized retail showrooms in Las Vegas, Houston, and Fort Lauderdale in June 2023, followed by more in Japan, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand the following year, Dwell reports.

Nestron is the creator of the 279-square-foot, galvanized steel-clad Cube Two (starting at $77K) and wood-wrapped Legend Two ($55K), and its showrooms will feature a number of additional low-carbon tiny homes that are meant to alleviate affordable housing shortages in local markets.

"The needs and calls of tens of thousands of market customers are our driving force," says Lawrence K., president of Nestron, who didn’t want to share his full surname. "Our goal in opening Nestron Centers is to realistically showcase the tiny home lifestyle we offer and to provide a more direct live experience and complete after-sales service."

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