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Homeowners modifying their homes to age in place post-retirement are finding comprehensive care assistance from an unexpected source: smart technology. Though navigating high tech in-home systems can seem daunting to older homeowners, even basic and inexpensive features like home control systems, smart doorbells, Apple watches, and Roku devices can increase home security and automate daily tasks.

With voice-control features, a growing number of smart devices are user-friendly for all generations, but a learning curve still leaves some homeowners hesitant to implement smart home systems, The Washington Post reports. In response, a growing number of service providers are offering user assistance upon installation to make the adjustment to smart tech an easy one.

“Technology is the ultimate aging-in-place asset if you use it correctly,” says Tom Kamber, executive director of Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) from AARP. “It brings safety, convenience, peace of mind — and a fun factor.” Technology helps all homeowners, but especially seniors, by automating “things that are a pain or difficult to do,” says Michael Miller, author of “My Smart Home for Seniors.” Tech advances also allow caregivers outside the house to monitor and provide support remotely.

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