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By trongnguyen

The news is heavy these days. With cities and states with “shelter at home” orders and uncertainty around every corner, it can be hard to conceptualize the end of the pandemic. But it will come. And when it does, the housing market will stand on its feet despite the punches thrown at it this season, according to John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate, and Dean Wehrli, the company’s vice president. They sat down to talk on their podcast about how the housing industry stands now and their forecast for how it will come out on the other side of the pandemic.

John Burns and Dean Wehrli recorded this podcast episode on March 19, 2020, right after our second weekly client webinar amidst the Covid-19 crisis. They discussed some of our market conclusions to date and our best estimate of some of the changes we believe will occur.

We will continue our weekly webinars for our research subscribers, who are approximately half of our revenue and are going to help our firm through to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Their willingness to share insights with us during these times is making us all smarter.

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