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Charlotte, N.C.-based Huber Engineered Woods has unveiled a new polyurethane AdvanTech subfloor adhesive that the company says is an important component of its squeak-free floor assembly system.

The AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly consists of the company’s moisture-resistant AdvanTech subfloor panels, the heavy-duty polyurethane adhesive, and deformed fasteners (fasteners without a smooth shank).

“The combination turns subfloors into a powerfully bonded panel-to-joist assembly,” the company says. “Heavy-duty AdvanTech subfloor adhesive helps eliminate differential movement between AdvanTech panels and joists, so fasteners stay put, floors stay quiet, and homeowners stay happy.”

The adhesive is a foam-to-gel product that contractors apply with a gun applicator. And because of its moisture-curing polyurethane properties, it can be used on frozen or wet wood, the company says.

“With the added bonding power of the new AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive, the joist-to-subfloor assembly is so solid, it acts as a single unit and increases floor stiffness overall, which is key in eliminating squeaks between panels and joists,” says Jason Darling, general manager of AdvanTech products. “We are confident the squeak-free AdvanTech Subfloor Assembly will help builders save valuable time on the jobsite and give homeowners a long-lasting, solid base for their finished floors.”