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Kallista's Juxtapose Semi-Professional Faucet

Humanscale, the New York City-based maker of products for the office, has entered the architectural lighting category with a new collection called Vessel.

Designed by Todd Bracher, Vessel is a clear light that is made of quartz crystal and features a simple, refined form.

“Vessel aligns to the principles of performance and quality that are of significant importance to Humanscale and to myself,” says Bracher. “It does not represent a stylistic approach to lighting but a scientific one, with a focus on physics and optical engineering.”

The light uses engineered optics, Bracher says, so the light source is hidden and remains unseen from viewers. It has a high color rendering, he adds, and is totally glare free. The product can be installed as a single pendant or in multiples for a large chandelier application. It comes in pendant and sconce options.