Humble No More: Laundry Rooms Getting In On The High-End Game

June 3, 2016

Even as bathrooms, closets, and garages underwent the high-end treatment and became more akin to spas, boutiques, and car dealership sales floors, the humble laundry room stayed true to its blue-collar routes, that is, until recently. Now, in homes across the country, the laundry room is beginning to carve out its own slice of the good life.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, many high-end homes, especially those of large families, are beginning to add multiple washer and dryers, tons of counter space, and custom drying racks that not only make the once strictly utilitarian laundry room more functional, but also much more pleasant to spend time in.

Even with the rise of the high-end laundry room, its roots as being, first and foremost, a functional space for accomplishing its main task have not been forgotten. Today’s laundry rooms are being designed with one goal in mind: to make doing laundry easier.

With the addition of machines like steaming cabinets and rotary irons, the time it takes to do multiple loads of laundry has been drastically decreased. The drawback? A professional steam rotary iron can cost around $3,000

Additionally, laundry rooms are important to prospective buyers. A National Association of Home Builders survey found about 92 percent of respondents found a laundry room to be more important than other desirable features like an outside patio, or an eat-in kitchen.

Just because doing laundry is not the most exciting of tasks, that doesn’t mean the room used to do it in needs to be equally drab and boring.

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