Interested in Off-Site Construction?

September 15, 2020
Builder placing home wall
By brizmaker

Curious about how off-site construction could help the industry? Building Systems Week is right around the corner, and will host webinars by experts discussing modular, panelized, and systems-built construction. NAHB says off-site construction remains an innovative approach to the industry’s labor shortage issue, which coincides with the housing affordability crisis. Building Systems Week aims at answering the questions that many in the industry still have about the effectiveness of off-site construction. The webinars are entirely free and will begin September 21 and end September 25.

“Demand really drives our industry, and knowing what we know about that now, one of the things — and this is where offsite construction comes in so prominently — is that everything is new in a lot of ways,” NAHB Immediate Past Chairman Greg Ugalde recently shared with Dave Cooper Live as part of a discussion on trying to close the gap on the U.S. housing shortage.

“How are we going to get this done? How are we going to be able to get the workforce that we need, the materials that we need? How can we do this the most efficiently under the constraints that we have?” he posited. “And by definition, it falls right into play with what offsite construction is all about.”

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