Jewel Tones, Tactile Textures, And Feature Windows Among Top Kitchen Trends

February 13, 2017

Gold, turquoise, and emerald colors can turn a kitchen into a gem. According to Houzz, jewel tones will be a popular choice for backsplashes, fabrics, and range hoods.

Via ConstructionDive, designers Jane Lockhart and Gail Drury shared their top kitchen trends for 2017.

Homeowners will mix and match shiny, textured and roughly painted kitchen surfaces, and bigger windows above the sink will serve as accent pieces.

Other trends include flat-panel cabinet doors, colorful cabinetry, and geometric patterns.

If there’s one thing kitchens will sport more of this year than they did last year, it’s geometry. “We’ll see more angular shapes in backsplash tiles, for instance,” Lockhart says. “Larger-format tiles will prevail in more structured shapes like chevron.” Longer and wider subway tiles (such as 4-by-8-inch or 4-by-12-inch tiles) will also rise in popularity.

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