Keys to Builder Success, According to 3 Trailblazing NAHB Female Leaders

March 5, 2020
Female boss in leadership meeting
By fizkes

NAHB may be highlighting female leaders during Women’s History Month, but these three women are on the grind every day as presidents of their local NAHB chapters. From seeking out mentors to harnessing the power of confidence and kindness, the presidents share their insights on how they achieved success—and how other women can, too. In a male-dominated field, self-assurance, drive, and knowledge are necessary to both finding your voice and making sure you have a seat at the table. And once you do, cultivating a space that encourages diversity is key to ensure that the cycle toward a more inclusive industry continues. 

March is Women’s History Month and throughout the month NAHB’s Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council will be highlighting women, past and present, who have made and continue to make positive impacts and blaze trails in the home building industry.

This year, there are at least seven female local HBA presidents across the country who are either the first-ever female president at their respective HBA or the first female president in several decades. Today, we are highlighting three of these seven women and their achievements.

Pierrette Tierney became the first female president of the Park City Area HBA in 2019. She was a founding member of the first PWB chapter in Utah and has been impressed with the women in Utah and their drive to engage and improve the industry.

Throughout her career, there were times when it was challenging for her to be the only female voice on an operating team or in an executive meeting. She worked through struggles she experienced by reminding herself that her opinion mattered, and that the diversity was critical for more global success. She admits that although she may have had to work a little harder or learn more than her male counterparts in order to feel like a voice of authority, it paid off because she then felt confident in standing by her decisions.

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