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Photo: Saklakova

Smart technology once only lived in sci-fi, but there’s a plethora of affordable, reachable smart home products on the market—and homebuyers want them. Smart technology has a place in every area of the home nowadays: front doors, kitchens, bathrooms, even gyms. And there can be a product for any budget. says voice technology, home security, fixtures, and kitchen appliances are some of the most obtainable and popular types. Video doorbells, security cameras, and alarm systems can help to combat porch pirates. Many have motion sensors and can record any activity in addition to alerting the homeowner.

Fingerprint and facial recognition door locks
Installing fingerprint or facial recognition locks can change your life, especially if you always misplace your spare key. Biometric technology and Bluetooth have already made their way into phones and tablets, but they are now starting to become more common in door locks. With just a glance or fingerprint scan, a lock can recognize a person by targeting facial features or fingerprint patterns to detect whether they are welcome or not. Not at home or lost your key? This technology can also be synced with a phone app or Bluetooth so that owners can remotely lock and unlock a door at the touch of a button.

Indoor drones
Imagine your own personal security guard patrolling the halls while you are not at home. While this might not be common today, drone innovation has made strides within the home security space. Unlike traditional video cameras, drones provide better ground activity and can cover more areas. While you are away, automated drone technology will fly inside your home monitoring different rooms and areas. Take it a step further, users can create map paths for the drone to follow.

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