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Electrical products brand Legrand has expanded its mobile charging devices with the addition of an ultrafast USB outlet.

Addressing the growing demand for faster charging, the unit offers 6.0 amps of power, allowing users to charge devices up to 40 percent faster than average, Legrand says.

“The average smartphone user checks their device a staggering 47 times per day, and that's impacting the way we work, play, and live,” says Matthew Hyder, product specialist for Pass & Seymour at Legrand. “Total reliability on more devices means easily accessible power and faster charging options are in high demand.”

Legrand Ultra Fast USB Outlet toaster phone plugged in

Part of the Radiant collection of devices, the new outlet can charge smartphones from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes. “The new product offers a combination of power, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C ports in addition to two traditional tamper-resistant outlets, to provide adapter-free charging for the latest handheld and tabletop devices,” Legrand says.

The outlet is available in Radiant 15-amp, Spec Grade 15, and 20 amp, and Hospital Grade 15- and 20-amp duplex receptacle configurations to suit charging needs in all connected spaces.

“We’re excited to launch the new radiant Ultra-Fast USB Outlet designed to meet this need, further providing contractors, designers, and consumers alike solutions for fast, reliable charging in any setting” the company says.

The product is available in eight finishes.


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