Living In An Art Gallery: Developers Building New Condos With More Wall Space For Art

March 4, 2016

Ray Bradbury once described art as an interpretation of a miracle that we could never explain. Maybe it is this mysterious and ineffable nature art possesses that manages to transfix so many of us. People love to surround themselves with art they find pleasing, inspiring, and comforting, and now, it has gotten to the point where it is affecting the way developers are designing and building new high-end condos.

It isn’t just a matter of feng-shui and finding the best spot for a place of art in a given space, but luxury developments are actually being engineered as art-friendly spaces, Bloomberg Reports.

It may seem a bit counterintuitive compared to many trends in homebuilding today, but these developers of high-end condos are opting for more walls and fewer windows. Large, blank walls, labeled as art walls, are peppered all over blueprints for these types of developments.

Some developers are operating under the idea that every grand room needs at least one art wall. Many aspects from art galleries are starting to find their way into these living spaces. Things like a picture rail system, which minimizes the amount of holes put in the wall and also allows the art to be changed around easily, humidifiers, and long hallways that act as interior galleries away from the damaging sun are being added to some units.

Art-friendly amenities aren’t just located in the units themselves, but have even spilled out into the rest of the building. Enlarged service elevators are being added to make transporting large pieces of art to and from an apartment easier.

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