Los Angeles' Small-Lot Homes

Is LA's small-lot ordinance hurting the American Dream for more Angelenos?

February 11, 2015
L.A.'s Small Lot Homes
L.A.'s Small Lot Homes

An ordinance passed in 2005 allowed for the development of sleek, boxy, small-lot homes in Los Angeles. KCET writer Chase Scheinbaum looks at whether these homes are destroying low-rent housing, restoring the American Dream, or both.

The ordinance reduced minimum lot sizes from 5,000 to 600 square feet. “Some academics say the ordinance could help lower L.A.'s exorbitant home prices and help accommodate a growing population,” Scheinbaum writes.

However, many low-income residents who are renting in areas where landlords are selling their properties to such developments see this situation as unfair.

"Everywhere you go, you see these big ugly apartments and they're super expensive," Silver Lake resident Raquel Arias tells KCET. "Where before there used to be nice little stores, now there are only luxury apartment complexes. It's losing its beauty."

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