Lowe’s App Will Allow You To Remodel Your Home In Augmented Reality

July 7, 2016

A new app from home improvement retailer Lowe’s that is scheduled to launch later this year on Google’s 3D smartphone platform Tango looks to take some of the guesswork out of home remodeling.

No one wants to be elbow deep in a remodeling project only to realize that new piece of furniture or appliance that just came in doesn’t really fit in how they thought it would. It can be difficult to look at a product on a computer screen or by itself in the store and get an accurate visualization for how it will fit in with a remodeling project. But, through the use of augmented reality, Lowe’s Vision app will allow customers to use their phones to see exactly how a given product will look in their home, Fast Co. reports.

The app will also take accurate measurements through augmented reality and filter products that will fit in the space needed. If you still need to see a certain product in its physical form, you can take the app to a brick and mortar Lowe’s store and it will help you navigate the aisles with the merchandise previewed on the phone and will provide customer reviews of the products.

The idea for this app actually came to the company via its use of professional, published science-fiction writers who, armed with all of the company’s marketing research and trend data create stories about the probable, possible convergence of people trends and tech trends, and what it may look like. One of the stories that sprang from this focused on virtual and augmented reality and was the impetus for the Vision app.

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