Lutron Electronics | Gallery Collection Shades, New Fabrics, Materials, and Styles

September 28, 2017
Building products-Lutron Electronics-Gallery Collection Shades-New Fabrics, Materials, and Styles

Lutron Electronics has added new fabrics, materials, and styles to its line of roller shades, horizontal sheer blinds, wood blinds, and vertical draperies in the Gallery Collection. Horizontal sheer blinds have two new color options, Cocoa Bean and Black, with fabric vanes available in 2 or 3 inches. Stained and painted Eden Woods allow for longer wood blind slats without finger-jointing, with no unsightly seams in blinds up to 108 inches wide and 120 inches tall. Lutron also offers custom graphics on roller-shade fabrics, which can be printed to match any Pantone color. New shades include White, Off-White, Beige, and Gray, with textures including linens and jacquards.

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