Madison, Cary, And Plano Are Among The Best Cities Of 2016

December 29, 2016

This year, SmartAsset produced dozens of lists that ranked the best cities. The site found which cities are the most affordable, which ones have the strongest job market, and which ones allow homeowners to save the most money. It even named the top beach towns and cities that pay well for STEM jobs.

Which cities are the best of the best? Plano, Texas, Anchorage, Ak., Cary, N.C., and seven others ranked highly on multiple lists, so the site created a top-10 countdown of the best cities of the year.

Madison, Wisconsin is SmartAsset’s top city for 2016. Throughout the year Madison scored well in studies which focused on quality of life, like the most livable cities in the U.S. and the least-stressed cities. As a college town, Madison also ranked highly in our studies focused on younger populations like the best cities for teens and the best college towns in America. Overall, Madison ranked in more studies than any other city.

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