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A Canadian manufacturer has developed an affordable, prefab structure that can be used as an outbuilding for a variety of uses.

Aux box is an affordable solution that adds customized space to one’s home in his or her own backyard,” the manufacturer says. “The aux box can be used ad a yoga studio/gym, writing sanctuary, art studio, guest room, kids play area, and/or home office.”

Developed by co-founders Morgan Seeber and Landon Sheck, aux box is based on their belief that a purposeful, architecturally beautiful space is paramount to the success of people’s pursuits. Aux box, the duo says, provides access and proximity to the space individuals and families require—close enough to omit a commute, but separated enough to allow for tranquility or focus.


Aux box prefab outbuilding

Each aux box measures 10 feet 9 inches long by 9 feet 11 inches wide. The ceiling height is 9 feet 6½ inches tall. With an internal space of 106 square feet, the structure can typically avoid building permits, the company says.

The other benefit to the structure is that it’s prefabricated in a factory, the company says, which means it’s faster to build, more cost efficient, yields less waste, is higher quality, and results in less site time and site mess.

Aux box offers “an infinite number of customizable features, ensuring that the new space reflects everything a person needs to maximize his or her full potential,” the company says.


Aux box prefab outbuilding

But aux box is not technically a living space, the company says. “To be a living space, the building needs plumbing and some form of kitchen,” the company explains. The company says they can add those elements to the aux box, but they would need to apply for building permits and  get more building, plumbing, and electrical inspections. Customers would also expect a longer installation timeline. 

Aux box prefab outbuilding


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