Meet the Company Shattering Gender Norms and Inspiring Girls to Build 

March 9, 2020
Women of CBH Homes
Courtesy of CBH Homes

At a time when women make up only 10.3 percent of the construction force, CBH Homes is proud about employing a team that is 70 percent women. And they want to share their success with the women builders of the future. By partnering with Girls Build, a summer camp for the trades, CBH Homes will help girls aged eight to 14 learn how to build, wire, and grow their confidence. And for women who are already committed to a career in the trades, the growing company is looking for up to 30 new hires this spring. CBH Homes will hire whoever is right for the job but is encouraging women to make the leap and show what they've got in the male-dominated field.  

CBH Homes is winning in a male dominated industry with women and we’re excited to shout it from the rooftops this International Women’s Day!

CBH Homes is proud to be 70% women, breaking the norm of the “male dominated construction industry”. According to the Labor Force Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, women make up only 10.3% of the construction workforce. CBH is defying those odds and raising the bar. When walking the halls of CBH you won’t be surprised to find a female around every corner. From the Vice President to CFO on to construction managers you’ll find strong women in these positions. 

Girls Build is a summer camp for girls ages 8-14 where in one week they learn the basics of building including carpentry, plumbing, electricity, concrete and more! Girls have fun with other girls their age, and learn from skilled female instructors. Over the week, girls learn basic building skills, but grow their curiosity and their confidence. CBH recognizes how crucial it is to bring young girls in contact with the construction industry and is excited to partner with Girls Build. Stay tuned for updates and how to register your girl for Girls Build.

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