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Miele has launched the W1 washing machine and T1 dryer pair with automatic detergent settings and improved cleaning performance.

Now available for purchase, both units measure about 23 inches wide, 34 inches tall, and have a load capacity of 17.6 pounds. Components include a high-grade stainless steel outer drum, cast-iron counterweights, and a white enameled front panel.

“The new W1 and T1 units are fully equipped to care for all the laundry of the average household,” says Dirk Sappok, the director of product development at Miele. “These units are our right-sized everything and anywhere products that are easy to use, perform, and care for every type of textile. [They are] energy efficient and sized for any configuration or location.”

The W1 washer was designed for improved circulation and drenching, the company says. The machine’s new technology allows the QuickIntensWash program to clean clothes in under 60 minutes.

W1 also features TwinDos, a two-phase automatic detergent system that uses one detergent release to remove dirt and sweat and a second to remove stains. Detergent is distributed based on the size of the load, level of soiling, and type of fabric. The process “is able to keep colors from fading while keeping white clothes bright and crisp,” the company says. CapDos, a collection of specialized accessory detergent capsules, are created for loads like sport, outdoor, down, wool, and silk.

T1 is a ventless dryer that uses heat-pump technology, which Miele says is energy efficient without losing the speed of traditional technologies. The new SteamFinish feature can reduce the need for ironing, and PerfectDry detects moisture in the drum to determine when a cycle is finished. Miele’s FrangranceDos add a variety of scents to clothing that can last up to four weeks.

Both units can be tracked using the Miele@mobile app. The app can also alert homeowners when TwinDos cartridges need replacement. TwinDos, CapDos, and FragranceDos capsules are available through Miele or Miele dealers.


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