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Image: Hapi Homes

Hapi Homes, a provider of prefabricated tiny homes, recently donated 10 two-bedroom homes to the Ukrainian Red Cross and the City of Odesa, Ukraine. The fully furnished homes—which will house local city workers and their families displaced by the war—are expected to be delivered this April.

Each prefabricated two-bedroom home includes 420 square feet of living space and is equipped with a kitchenette, living room, dining area, two bedrooms, and a private bathroom. Each unit will be delivered fully furnished and is outfitted with heating and air conditioning, aluminum alloy double doors, double-layered tempered glass windows, and wood fiberboard flooring throughout. The 10 homes donated represent a value of more than $700,000, the company said in a recent press release.

“This generous donation confirms the solidarity and support of Hapi Homes with the Ukrainian people, and allows us to provide comfort, relief and dignity to our city’s newcomers, as well as those who need help—doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers and builders—who have worked tirelessly to serve the Ukrainian people and the citizens of Odesa during this difficult time. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Hapi Homes as we work towards rebuilding our city, and the lives of our citizens,” said Gennadiy Trukhanov, Mayor of Odesa.

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