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Luxury appliance manufacturer Monogram will soon release four tech-forward kitchen appliances for 2021.

Announced at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last month, these four cooking appliances offer connected technology and advanced cooking features. Monogram’s Statement Collection Professional Range, X-Series 30-Inch Wall Ovens, and Statement 30-Inch Steam Oven will come to market in April. The brand’s new induction cooktops are now available.

Three years in the making, the Statement Collection Professional Range offers an array of cooking technologies paired with smart features. Homeowners can choose to air fry in addition to the range’s traditional gas cooking function.


monogram statement pro range

Monogram Statement Collection Professional Range

“The new Monogram Professional Range epitomizes our brand belief that luxury is the details,” says Julie Burns, executive director of Monogram at GE Appliances. “Our dedication to craftsmanship is shown in the soft close doors, smooth glide racks and customizable task lighting.”

Monogram says the range’s cooktop offers flexibility with multi-ring configurations and durable brass burners that offer 23,000 BTUs. Some models also include TrueTemp technology, where homeowners can pick a specific temperature and the gas burner will cook at that level.

Homeowners can remotely start their Statement Collection Professional Ranges and control it via voice, thanks to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Users will also be given access to hundreds of cooking videos and recipes on their smartphones from the Hestan Cue app.

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double wall oven smart appliances

Monogram Minimalist Collection Wall Ovens

GE Appliances, Monogram’s parent company, told PRODUCTS during KBIS that a notable feature is the range’s ability to be upgraded. Over time, Monogram will roll out new software for the ranges. Homeowners can always have the latest and greatest features and capabilities due to these system upgrades, says Monogram. Air frying and precision cooking modes are just two examples of new cooking functions that come with software upgrades.

The Statement Collection Professional Range comes in 30-, 36-, and 38-inch sizes in either all gas or dual-fuel options. Other features include a stainless steel profile, interactive LCD displays, smooth glide racks, soft close doors, and solid brass accents.

The X-Series 30-Inch Wall Ovens takes the effort out of cooking for homeowners. Its Precision Cooking modes can track the progress of whatever is cooking inside, then adjust time or temperature when needed. 

Available in either a single or double configuration, the wall ovens are available in both of Monogram’s Statement and Minimalist collections. Just like the new professional range, the wall ovens can be voice-controlled and remotely controlled through the SmartHQ phone app. And it can be controlled through the 7-inch, full-color touch LCD screen.


monogram induction cooktop luxury

Monogram Induction Cooktop

Users can also use their smartphones to scan a barcode of the food they’re looking to cook, which lets the oven know the time and temperature needed. These wall ovens offer a no-preheat air fryer function, precision cooking modes, and dehydrator functionality.

Now available, induction cooktops offer the same connected tech and with new cooking capabilities, such as a guided cooking experience with the Hestan Cue app. Cooktops come in either 30- or 36-inch configurations with a black or silver finish.

The SyncBurners function simultaneously controls two burners for larger cookware. Homeowners can choose specialty functions for melting food and use the 11-inch burner with 3,700 watts for fast boiling. Glide controls can also be locked to avoid any tampering.

The Statement Collection Steam Oven brings a new type of cooking to Monogram’s portfolio. The company says steam cooking retains flavor, color, and nutritional value of foods. Steaming can be ideal for cooking grains, such as rice, and reheating leftovers.