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This article first appeared in the PB September 2015 issue of Pro Builder.

This 1,489-square-foot residence is one of only a dozen net zero-certified homes in central Oregon. The architect, developer, builder, and many of the trade partners donated what they would typically earn on a custom home to the St. Charles Net Hope Cancer Research Foundation.

The home was designed to produce as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Monthly utility costs are $9, which equals the minimum cost per month that the power company can charge a single-resident house.

Key features include 12-inch exterior walls, passive and active solar, and one air change per hour. The living room and the front bedroom offer views of the Cascade Mountains to the west, while clerestory windows face south, capturing daylight. A side porch on the south side gains sun exposure.

Morrison, Bend, Ore.
Entrant: The Shelter Studio (architect)
Builder/Developer: Seven Bridge
Photographer: The Shelter Studio
Sales Price: $388,900
Completion: June 2014

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