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Off-site construction methods are gaining attention in the building industry as a potential solution to help alleviate the housing supply shortage, but despite the advantages of off-site methods, just 2% of homes are currently completed using off-site building practices.

To help builders and developers explore off-site construction solutions, the 2023 NAHB Building Systems Housing Summit will offer educational sessions and networking opportunities for builders from October 15-17, in Washington, D.C., the National Association of Home Builders reports.

“Offsite construction can streamline the building process and significantly reduce construction time, delivering projects 20% to 50% faster than traditional methods at a cost savings of up to 20%,” shared Matt Belcher, principal at Verdatek Solutions LLC and Enhanced Building Systems LLC, and chair of NAHB’s Building Systems Councils. “This approach also offers a strong business case to builders, for whom time is money, by mitigating delays due to weather exposure, availability issues with onsite delivery, onsite workforce issues and assembly on a piecemeal basis.”

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