Neighborhoods Of The Future Address Ongoing Societal Issues

November 22, 2016

A non-profit design firm has a bold strategy to tackle affordable housing. It introduced Hex House, a 450-square-foot home kit that owners build themselves, much like Ikea furniture. Walls are made of sturdy energy efficient insulated panels. An entire house only costs around $15,000.

Hex House is just one of the housing solutions offered by Fast Co Exist, which found other projects that address housing issues pertaining to land, hyperlocal food, and renewable resources.

For example, Madrid will spend $4 million to cover many open spaces with plants in an effort to protect against floods, raise energy efficiency, and help the environment.

When foliage was installed on rooftops and additional trees were planted along sidewalks near the Madrid airport, peak summertime air temperature fell by up to 8 degrees, due to increased shade and moisture in the air, which has a natural cooling effect.

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