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Vayyar Imaging, the 3D-imaging sensor company, has developed a new tool that makes it possible for contractors to see through cement, drywall, and other materials, making home diagnostic and repair projects much easier.

Designed and created for remodelers, contractors, and serious DIYers, WalabotDIY helps users determine the location of pipes, wires, and even rodents’ nests, the company says.

“WalabotDIY takes the guesswork out of your next renovation or repair project,” says Raviv Melamed, CEO and co-founder of Vayyar Imaging. “It makes all kinds of home repair and renovation tasks easier–everything from hanging a gallery wall to mounting shelving, locating a pesky leak, or drilling into a wall without the fear of hitting a pipe or electrical wire.”

Compatible with Android smartphones 5.0 and higher, the unit connects magnetically to the back of the phone. “After downloading the WalabotDIY app via Google Play and a short calibration process, WalabotDIY can be used to scan the wall, and the wall images are then projected on the smartphone’s screen,” the company explains.

The product determines how deep to cut or how far to drill to avoid damaging pipes, wires, and objects hidden behind walls, and the 3D-imaging sensors detect both the depth and location of objects, seeing through up to 4 inches of concrete or drywall. Moreover, it features an adjustable sensitivity setting for optimal calibrations on specific renovation and construction projects and two sensing modes of pipes and raw data. Users may also snap photo screenshots for use in offline analysis.

See a short video of how WalabotDIY works here.


UPDATE: The product can be purchased directly from the Walabot website: It has an introductory price of $199.