New $7.5 Billion Smart City Project Planned for Las Vegas

August 13, 2019
las vegas
Photo: Unsplash/Nicola Tolin

A new project in Las Vegas aims to redefine “smart city” with tech-heavy and eco-friendly features, Commercial Property Executive reports.

Bleutech Park Las Vegas, a $7.5 billion project aimed at creating a mixed-use mini-city with net-zero buildings that will feature renewable energy, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Internet of Things, robotics, autonomous transportation and self-healing concrete structures, is scheduled to break ground in December. The smart city is expected to take six years to build out.

The mixed-use project will feature workforce housing, office and retail space, luxury residential, hotel and entertainment venues while also showcasing energy generation and storage, waste-heat recovery, water purification, on-site waste treatment and localized air cleaning. Bleutech says the development will use new technologies that will alter the future of construction design.

Flooring within the complex will capture and reuse the energy of human movement throughout the spaces, including common areas and parking structures. Photovoltaic glass will be standard in all the structures, turning the building exteriors into single solar panels. Resources for heating, cooling, lighting and electricity will be harvested on-site, while robotics will provide security through biometrics and other technologies.

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