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In Princeton, N.J., a relatively new A.D.U. ordinance allows separate accessory dwelling units in all single-family zones, and in an effort to create more affordable housing, the town is also permitting homeowners to sell units separately from a primary residence as condominiums, The New York Times reports. 

One home on a corner lot on Linden Lane is the first to take advantage of the town’s new A.D.U. ordinance. The property owners are listing a separate 1,400-square-foot, two-bedroom home for $849,000, a rare bargain in a wealthy neighborhood where the median sale price is around $1 million.

Proponents of A.D.U.s say they are a smart way to supply the so-called “missing middle” price range of housing. They can also generate rental income for seniors struggling to afford to stay in their homes, and make communities more economically and racially inclusive. That makes them highly suitable for Princeton, where “our zoning has made us a gated community,” Ms. Sacks said.

But how well they will fit in remains to be seen. The Linden Lane project is raising a lot of eyebrows. Derek Bridger, the zoning officer, said he has fielded a number of calls from residents wanting to know how it is possible to build two homes on a single lot.

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