The New Software Aimed at Simplifying House Building

June 26, 2020
Two construction workers using a laptop
By Suriyo

Preparing for home building and customization can be a full-time job in itself. With regulations, pending approvals, designers, contractors, and more — it can be an uphill battle before it’s even begun. That’s where Atmos comes in. TechCrunch reports that the startup wants to move those options in home building and construction into one simplified platform, making decisions as easy as one click. Investors are all ears, with Atmos raising $2 million already. The CEO and co-founder Nick Donahue comes from a lineage of builders and not only wants to help home builders, but homeowners as well. 

Atmos wants to massively simplify homebuilding, and in the process, democratize customization to more and more homeowners.

The startup, which is in the current Y Combinator  batch, wants to take both the big decisions and the sundries of construction and combine them onto one platform where selecting a design and moving forward is as simple as clicking through a Shopify shopping cart.

It’s a vision that has already piqued the attention of investors. The company disclosed that it has already raised $2 million, according to CEO and co-founder Nick Donahue, from Sam Altman,  former YC president and now head of OpenAI, and Adam Nash, former president and CEO of Wealthfront, along with a bunch of other angels.

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