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Fireplace manufacturer Ortal says its latest fireplace introduction, the Wilderness Collection, delivers the only lifelike log-and-flame experience available on the market.

“The luxury-home market is in a constant search for the best of the best, and our Wilderness Collection fireplaces are the epitome of top-of the-line,” says Kevin Rantin, vice president of sales and marketing for Ortal Fireplaces. “We expect the high-end designers and architects our dealer partners work with to gravitate toward the Wilderness Collection and make it standard for premium residential and commercial designs.”

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Ortal says what sets the Wilderness Collection apart from other gas fireplaces is Firelog Technology, a patent-pending feature that delivers the only lifelike log-and-flame experience available today, providing a luxurious, warm ambience with all the convenience of gas, and without the mess or lingering smell of wood fire.

“Firelog Technology produces unparalleled, campfire-like flames,” the company says. “The real-fire appearance is achieved by allowing the gas to flow directly within the log media, resulting in a taller, more realistic flame. The fireplace media also creates a fuller flame, more closely resembling the traditional look and feel of a campfire.”

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Ortal says its approach is starkly different than the industry’s common “ribbon” burner method in which identically sized flames shoot out of a straight pipe at the bottom of the fireplace, resulting in an artificial-looking flame that belongs on a kitchen stove, not a campsite.

Wilderness Collection fireplaces are also equipped with internal lighting, creating a lustrous glow within the fireplace even when the fire is not turned on. With the natural-looking log arrangement and attractive internal lighting, a Wilderness Collection fireplace elevates the room and becomes its centerpiece, the company adds.

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The fireplaces also offer additional conveniences and amenities. Products in the line can be managed by phone via Wi-Fi for fingertip control, and Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology mitigates heat from the unit, ensuring that the surrounding walls remain cool, allowing homeowners to hang artwork and electronics directly over the fireplace.

To increase design flexibility and maximize the comfort of homeowners, the following options are available to high-end architects, designers, builders, and their clients:

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  • Power Venting – flexible venting enabling designs that place the fireplace almost anywhere.

  • Heat Barrier – double glass and screens provide an uninterrupted view of the fire with uncompromised safety.

  • Heat Control Systems – enjoy a life-like fire even when it’s warm with Ortal temperature control, capable of moving heat to other rooms or outside of the house.