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Luxury outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular target for home remodeling, especially as more Americans connect with nature for wellness and opt to entertain at home after the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only can outdoor kitchens increase year-round livability and add a secondary kitchen space that improves a home's functionality, but a few key additions can also boost a home’s resale value.

Adding enhanced technology with automated shading, smart appliances, and built-in speakers is a surefire way to attract prospective buyers, and other additions such as pergolas, bars, and security fences are also major selling points, according to Forbes.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, “the key is to limit trips in and out of the house,” advised the AjMadison executive. “Every outdoor kitchen needs four zones: Cooking, cooling (or cooler storage), storage, and clean-up.” That cooling center may be part of a multi-purpose outdoor bar fixture. “Also known as a cocktail station, this multipurpose appliance combines a sink, faucet, ice bin, space for garnishes, and more, meaning that all wet bar essentials are easily accessible in one place.” That cooling zone can also include refrigerator and freezer drawers, ice maker, beverage center and outdoor-rated wine fridge.

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